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'This moving and utterly gripping true story is a testament to the bravery and guts that human beings can display when truly pushed to the brink.'
                                                                     - Herald Sun

One twilight, Glenn Orgias was surfing at Bondi Beach when the worst happened: he was attacked by a shark, a 'man in a grey suit', as surfers call them. Although it released him, Glenn thought his life was over - he was 80 meters from shore with a severed arm, losing blood fast, and the great white was somewhere below. All he could think about was his wife, Lisa, who was four months pregnant.

Man In A Grey Suit is a powerful memoir of personal restoration. It's a story of rehabilitation, of overcoming anger and anxiety. It's the story of how surfing, the sport that almost killed him, helped Glenn tun his life around.

"It is while coming to terms with phantom pain after the loss of a limb that Orgias arrives at deep psychological insights...The methods he discovers to ease his untouchable pain are astonishing."

                                                              - Daily Telegraph


Published by Penguin (Viking) July 2012.

Glenn Orgias

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